Rivus advises its private clients at every stage of their life. We answer all your questions about structuring, managing, transferring, controlling and continuing your family patrimony as well as your family business. To this end, we provide advice from a civil law as well as a tax law perspective. Through the years, Rivus has acquired a thorough international experience in these fields.

Focusing on what is really important for our clients, we constantly do our utmost to propose creative solutions tailored to our clients. Our approach is designed to provide pragmatic and straightforward solutions based on the content of the case.

We are developing durable and flexible solutions with a view to « Protecting your Prosperity ».

Our practice areas are:

(International) income tax, bequest and inheritance tax, inheritance tax return, transfer tax and wealth tax, rulings, tax adjustments,

Marriage and prenuptial agreements, cohabitation and cohabitation agreements, bequests, wills, estates, divorces, protection acts for mentally incompetent individuals, parental authority, guardianship, administration, adoption, paternity

Investment and asset management companies, trusts, private (family) foundations
STAK (Stichting Administratiekantoor), partnerships
Holding companies

Legal assistance with succession and transfer, establishment of family council and family charter

Purchase and transfer/succession of real estate domestically and abroad, financing and structuring

Conflict resolution

Rivus is one of the few estate planning offices in Belgium that focus on avoiding, assisting and resolving family conflicts.

In difficult times, we stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients and we never lose sight of human and psychological aspects.

  • Liquidation and settlement of (international) estates, sealing, inventory, attachment, receivership, conversion life interest in estate
  • Liquidation and settlement of divorces, alimony, visiting rights, parental authority, guardianship and administration
  • Judicial protection acts (mentally incompetent individuals)
  • Tax procedures
  • Family disputes relating to (international) estates, "step-parent”-estates, conversion of life interest in an estate, wills, bequests
  • Divorce, cohabitation, parental authority and guardianship
  • Business succession planning
  • Tax disputes